Menu Tag

This tag generates links that toggle the display of an entry-specific menu when clicked. It is particularly useful on list-style pages where you have several entries on the page and you’d like users to be able to manage individual entries without clicking through to a permalink page.

The Missing Link head and body tags are required for menu links to function correctly.

Basic Syntax

Unlike the other Missing Link functions {exp:missing_link:menu} is a tag pair. This gives you full control over the text/image used for the menu link. The following example will generate a ‘Manage this entry’ link which will trigger an entry menu when clicked.

{exp:missing_link:menu entry_id='{entry_id}'}
    Manage this entry

Advanced Syntax

In order to retain complete flexibility over the inline menu link’s markup it’s also possible to use an advanced syntax to provide additional markup that should appear before/after the link itself. This example outputs the ‘Manage this entry’ link within a list item.

{exp:missing_link:menu entry_id='{entry_id}'}
<li>{link}Manage this entry{/link}</li>




The tag requires that you provide a valid entry ID.


As of Missing Link 1.4 this parameter has been deprecated. You should use the new link tag to generate one-click edit links.


{exp:missing_link:inline entry_id='{entry_id}' class='admin_link'}
    Manage this entry

You can specify a custom CSS class for the inline menu links via the class parameter.