Freeform Anti-Spam adds spam protection to your Freeform forms without making users jump through hoops with CAPTCHAs and the like. Flag spam submissions or block them entirely.

Blacklist Integration

Whenever a form is submitted FAS will check the IP address of the user against the http:BL, Stop Forum Spam and UCE Protect databases which include addresses associated with comment spamming, harvesting and other suspicious activity. If a match is found then the response will be compared against the parameters that you have provided via the extension settings. You can choose how aggressively you block submissions.

Honeypot fields

If you wish FAS can automatically inject a ‘honeypot’ field into all of your freeform forms. Honeypot fields are invisible to human users as they are hidden with CSS. To spambots, though, these fields look much the same as any other. If the spammer enters data in the honeypot field then the submission will be flagged.

Flag or block submissions

Although the likelihood of FAS identifying legitimate submissions as spam is very low (depending on your settings), you may not want to block spam submissions altogether. FAS supports both flagging and blocking of spam submissions. If you choose to flag submissions then a prefix of your choice will be added to the subject field in any admin email notifications so that you can easily identify and filter out freeform spam within your email client or server. In addition, you can choose to have the corresponding Freeform entry status set to ‘closed’, making spam entries easier to remove at a later date.

Forms update automatically

No matter how you configure FAS you do not need to make any manual changes to any of your forms. Once FAS is installed it will automatically process any Freeform submissions.


If Omnilog is installed FAS will log in full any blocked submissions. Older logs will be removed automatically once a user-defined threshold is reached. This is particularly useful in blocking mode, where you would otherwise be unable to gauge FAS’ hit rate or check for false positives.