Switchboard gives you instant access to data from all of the deepest and darkest corners of your ExpressionEngine control panel. It's also the quickest, most intuitive way to get from A to B in EE.

Super Search

Switchboard searches all of the key areas of your control panel. Here’s a full rundown:

  • Accessories
  • Categories
  • Category groups
  • Channels
  • Entry IDs
  • Entry Titles
  • Entry Fields
  • Extensions
  • Fields
  • Fieldtypes
  • Field Groups
  • File Upload Directories
  • Global Variables
  • Member Groups
  • Modules
  • Plugins
  • Snippets
  • Status Groups
  • Templates
  • Template Groups

Boost Your Productivity

A new way to navigate your control panel. Switchboard eliminates the need for EE’s standard drop-down menus and provides instant access to controls and information that would otherwise be several pages away. It’s a great productivity tool for both developing and maintaining an EE-powered site.

More than a single link. Switchboard generally provides more than one link for each search result, with the aim being to replicate all of the options you’d have when viewing that kind of content normally. For example, a channel result would include links to publish a new entry, edit channel preferences, edit group assignments and delete the channel. This ensures that you’re rarely more than one click away from the page you’re after.

A developer cheatsheet. Forgetting the exact names of fields and having to dig through the EE menu system to look them up is awkward and time consuming. Switchboard searches fields, snippets, global variables and templates and its results include a handy copy button to save the {variable_name} or template/path to your clipboard.

Instant searches. Switchboard can keep track of your recent searches and display them beneath the search form as quick-search links, making frequently used searches especially easy to access.

Keyboard navigation. Switchboard has full support for keyboard navigation, so you can complete a search and navigate to a result without touching your mouse.

Improved addon management. Instead of having to remember whether you’re looking for an accessory, extension, plugin, or module you can simply type its name and the relevant controls will appear.

Search by URL. If you have an app like Alfred or LaunchBar installed, or if your browser supports custom search engines, you can trigger Switchboard searches from anywhere.


Automatic permissions. Switchboard will automatically figure out which areas of the control panel users can access, so you can get up and running in minutes.

Disable things. If you don’t want certain results to show up, ever, then individual categories can be disabled entirely.

Missing Link integration. If you have Missing Link installed you can run Switchboard searches from the frontend of your site.