The Missing Link settings can be accessed via Addons → Extensions → Missing Link.

By default users will be shown all of the links that they have permission to access. If you would like to disable certain links entirely, for everyone, then you can do so here. You can also specify which entry view count to display in the ML menu, as EE supports up to four different view counts per entry.

Compatibility Settings

If your site already utilises jQuery, jQuery UI or Fancybox then you will need to disable Missing Link’s versions to avoid conflicts. Simply set the relevant radio buttons to ‘disabled’ and Missing Link will revert to using the resources your site already has in place. If you intend to use local copies of any resources then ensure that they’re included before the {exp:missing_link:head} tag.

Already using jQuery on your site? Missing Link requires jQuery 1.3 or higher.


Action Monitoring

Missing Link can monitor what happens after opening a link and then present the user with a ‘would you like to reload?’ dialog once it detects that an action has successfully completed. This is supported by all of the menu links which lead directly to a page containing a form.

In addition to the confirmation dialog option it’s also possible to select a ‘reload automatically’ option, which will reload the parent page as soon as an action has been completed. This feature can be disabled entirely if you prefer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Missing Link supports two keyboard shortcuts by default: Ctrl + G to toggle the Missing Link menu visibility and Ctrl + E to edit the entry currently being viewed (on permalink-style pages). If you wish you can swap the shortcut modifier to Alt + G and Alt + E or you can disable keyboard shortcuts altogether.