ExpressionEngine offers limitless flexibility, the potential for super-simple content management and doesn't cost the earth. We've been using it almost exclusively for the past five years and know our way around.

ExpressionEngine Development Services

  • Full Site Builds
    You’ve got design chops but your client wants a site with 5 tiers of content, image galleries on half of the pages and an e-commerce facility. We can help.

  • CMS Migrations
    You have an existing site. The content’s great and the design’s fantastic but it takes 2 hours and a phone call to update the company address on the Contact page. We can fix that.

  • Addon development
    You’ve just discovered what the ‘no results found’ page looks like on Devot-ee. Don’t worry about it, we’ll have you up and running in no time.

Why ExpressionEngine?

ExpressionEngine is powerful, flexible and affordable. It saves a great deal of development time even on the smallest of projects and, with a little effort, the user experience can be second to none. Non-technical users can manage even the most complex of sites and because it’s possible to make content management so intuitive training takes very little time.

In addition, EE’s modular nature means that complex custom functionality can easily be built and fully integrated into the CMS. This eliminates the need to build a site using a combination of software, which results in a much improved workflow for site administrators and a more consistent experience for users. It’s often possible to achieve said functionality in no time and at a substantially reduced cost thanks to the prevalence of high quality third party ExpressionEngine addons.

Best of all, ExpressionEngine does not dictate site structure or layout. It’s a tool that enables us to build just about anything a client needs, without compromise.