• Ensure you have extensions enabled.
  • Upload the quicksave folder to /system/expressionengine/third_party/.
  • Enable QuickSave via Add-Ons > Extensions.
  • Adjust the QuickSave settings to suit your preferences. No additional buttons will be shown by default.

Extra Buttons

As well as modifying the behaviour of the standard submit button you can use this extension to add a ‘Save & Close’ button, which returns you to the Edit Entries listing, and a ‘Save & Preview’ button, which takes you to the standard entry preview page.

You can enable one or both of the extra buttons via the QuickSave extension settings.

To minimise clutter you can also opt to remove the ‘Save Revision’ button – a revision will still be saved when the entry is updated via other buttons.

Should you wish, QuickSave can also be configured to display the Save buttons both above and below the entry form.

Structure Support

Structure users can specify whether the Save & Close button returns to the Edit Entries listing or the Structure module homepage.