2.2 17 Apr 13

  • Added the ability to search within channel entry fields. This setting can be toggled via a checkbox on the search form.
  • Entry search results are now generated by EE’s native search engine.
  • Entry categories are now included in search results.
  • The template/field copy-to-clipboard buttons can now be disabled in Switchboard’s extension settings.
  • Updated one-click setup links for Alfred 2.
  • ExpressionEngine 2.6 compatibility updates.
  • Various minor tweaks and improvements.

2.1.2 20 Feb 13

  • Fixed a bug introduced in v2.1.1 which blocked updates to the recent searches list.
  • Fixed a bug where CP menu items weren’t appearing in search results for sites using a masked CP URL.

2.1.1 31 Jan 13

2.1 19 Jun 12

  • New: Much improved entry searching - results are now grouped by channel.
  • New: Search fieldtypes.
  • Improved settings page layout.
  • Fixed a bug which could result in cached plugin data being incomplete.
  • Fixed an installation error when MySQL’s strict mode is enabled.

2.0 3 May 12

  • New, improved UI.
  • Full keyboard navigation via cursor keys.
  • Improved top-level search which will now include all CP menu links (including custom ones).
  • Searches for complete and partial template paths are now supported. E.g. news/index.
  • Template searches now support the syntax /group/template (useful for excluding non-template results).
  • Template group contents can now be listed by appending a trailing slash to a group name. E.g. /news/ will list all templates within the news template group. See the user guide for further details.
  • Results categories can now be sorted via drag-and-drop in Switchboard’s settings.
  • Added view entries link for Channel results.
  • Added delete entry link for Entry results.
  • Added view files link for File Upload Directory results.
  • Entry and Category IDs are now displayed to superadmins.
  • Improved auto-scrolling when opening and closing Switchboard.
  • Fixed a package path bug which could cause certain addons to display an error.

1.2 1 Dec 11

  • New: Search category groups.
  • New: Search file upload directories.
  • New: Search member groups.
  • New: Live look entry links (uses the relevant channel preferences setting).
  • Improved automatic permissions checks.
  • Improved settings page design (no more accordions!)
  • Disabled error reporting unless Switchboard’s debugging mode is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug whereby Switchboard’s settings could be corrupted if a very large number of addons were installed.

1.1.2 22 Jun 11

  • New: Search by entry ID.
  • Tweaked ZeroClipboard initialisation so it won’t impact animation performance.
  • Additional session caching.

1.1.1 12 Jun 11

  • New: Search status groups.
  • New: Ability to specify a custom accessory name (e.g. search).
  • Improved copy-to-clipboard performance.
  • Improved JS error handling.

1.1 20 Apr 11

  • New: Major performance improvements, including background caching of addon data, by far the biggest overhead in 1.0.
  • New: User’s recent searches are now saved and appear beneath the search form as quick-search links.
  • New: Global variables and snippets are now included in search results.
  • New: Added copy buttons for template paths, global variable names and snippet names.
  • New: NSM Addon Updater support.
  • Minor UI tweaks.
  • Added search throttling.
  • Expanded debugging mode including performance monitoring for individual result types.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the fifth result to be hidden when exactly five results were present.
  • Fix for reset behaviour when repeated searches yield no results.

1.0.1 29 Mar 11

  • New: Preference to hide EE’s standard sidebar search form.
  • Error is no longer generated if the comments module isn’t installed and a result set includes entries.
  • Output is now generated via EE’s send_ajax_response().
  • Extensions will not be searched if they have been disabled system-wide.
  • Corrected a permissions check from can_access_extensions to can_access_plugins.
  • Added EE core search index rebuild link to settings view.
  • Added SVG gradient to the input box for IE9 (since it doesn’t support CSS3 gradients).
  • Changed documentation language item to avoid clashes with other accessories.

1.0 15 Mar 11

  • Shiny. New.